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Our Ẹ wá j'ọ́sin (Come & Worship) presentation is a delightful experience embracing cultural & spiritual similarities and bridging the gap of differences.  This presentation has been carefully selected to highlight music, songs and dances of praise from various West African countries. We present workshops to congregations by teaching worship songs (in multiple languages), instrumentation or praise dance movements and/or give a performance with audience participation during your service.  As every church is different, we tailor our programs to suit church block parties, festivals, children productions, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Easter services and special events.
Our  Fees: 
E Wa Josin “Come & Worship” Performance
(15 mins. – 1 hour):   
$650 single /$450 each additional on same day & location**
- A 20 minute performance during your service at a time allocated by your church. 
Use this form to hold or book a date
- Opening praise song & music lead by our artists (incorporating in the songs & music that may have been  taught at the workshop
- Closing music, song & dance lead by our artists for the entire congregation to move & praise
Workshop & Fellowship (1 hour session):       
$450 single /$300 each additional on same day & location**
The music (drum & other percussion instruments), praise dance and songs. This is an hour long participatory   of learning worship songs, traditional African percussive rhythms and simple movement appropriate for worship service.  We will bring African percussive instruments to help lead and instruct the workshop with.
Hotel fee (only if necessary):   
$85/night /room for 2 double rooms OR WE CAN BE HOUSED WITH FAMILIES OR AT THE CHURCH RECTORY. 
Mileage/Gas fee:  Determined by your mileage…
Meals: All meals should be provided for the artists by the church.
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