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"Edu-tainment" means to entertain while you educate. Bi-Okoto does this by using dance and music as an educational tool to teach the world the realities of the rich cultural heritage of Africa. Bi-Okoto has also carried out other unique experiments by instructing other dance disciplined students in traditional African music and dances as they are taught and performed in the villages. These activities highlights and clarifies the essential patterns of the music and dances without destroying their authenticity with regards to their vitality, vigor, spiritual and cultural values.
We have a large repertoire of performances ranging from work-based to ritualistic dances. There are also dances of old legends and folktales that are great representations of the various communities of West Africa.
Services provided for (but not limited to): Festivals, corporate events, 
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churches, weddings, naming & opening ceremonies, cruises, tours etc. 
Contact Akilah Stinson at 513-221-6112 or email booking@bi-okoto.com to book an event.
Pricing for a basic* performance within the 50 mile radius of our Studio..
15 minutes  --  $   550.00
30 minutes  --  $1,075.00
45 minutes  --  $1,600.00
60 minutes  --  $2,125.00
A basic performance includes five artists total/ Areas located outside of 50 mile radius of Cincinnati, Ohio, will require additional fee for  transportation, meals, and lodging.
Prices subject to change
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