My Bi-Okoto      Iyemọja



 Bi-Okoto Presents

(a dance drama production)

at Bi-Okoto Cultural Center
April 22, 2017
 8:00 PM 
You may be aware of the Greek mythological Gods but are your aware of the Yoruba Orisa Gods that originate from the continent of Africa?
Iyemoja, according to Yoruba myth, is the goddess of the river. This re-working of the legend in dramatic form is a celebration of the river goddess and traditional Yoruba cosmology. The author tells the story in a language influenced by Yoruba symbolism and metaphor, inclusive of chants and speeches in the Yoruba language. He seeks to enhance knowledge and appreciation about the Yoruba cultural tradition, exploring the links between past and modern identities. The rendition emphasizes the social preoccupations and human traits and emotions of the goddess according to her story: kindness, anger, jealousy, envy, trust and betrayal.
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Don't miss this opportunity to learn about Iyemoja the Yoruba Goddess of the River and various Yoruba Gods.
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