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Tolongo After School Policies and Procedures

Bi-Okoto is pleased to welcomes you and your child to this year’s Tolongo After School Program. The program is designed to enhance your child’s after school care through social and educational stimulation, and our staff is committed to meeting each individual child’s needs in a nurturing manner. This packet is designed to familiarize you with our policies and procedures, as well as open the doors to provide constant communication and understanding concerning your child’s camp experience.

Please take time to review the information and policies outlined in the packet and feel free to direct any questions and/or comments to the Program Director.

Dates and Hours of Operation:

Bi-Okoto after will be open August 14, 2015 – May 26, 2016 (Except Holidays), from 3:00pm until 6pm Monday -Friday during after school weeks. A late fee of $15 will be assessed to parent who pick up their child after the 6:00pm closing time and then $1 per minute after 6:15pm., payable at time of pickup.


Bi-Okoto Cultural Centre
5601 Montgomery Road, 
Cincinnati, Ohio 45212. 

Registration Forms:

The “Child Enrollment and Health Information for Child Care Centers and Type A Homes” form (last 3 pages of this packet) must be completed, signed and returned no later than your child's first day of attendance.

If you need yellow school bus deviation please fill out the deviated yellow bus form and return as soon as possible. Bus changes must be submitted the week before they are approved or change.

Tuition and Payments: 

A one-time registration fee of $25 per child is due upon registration. A camp fee of $40 per child is also due weekly or $150 per month. Full payment for all the weeks that the child is registered for is due prior to first day of camp. However, when this is not possible, it is required that full weekly payment is made no later than 9:00am on Monday of the participating week.

A fee of $20 per week per child shall be applied to your account for late payments. Bi-Okoto reserves the right to revoke participation in camp until the outstanding balance has been settled.

Drop off & Pick-up: 

Parents/guardians are required to sign their name and time of arrival at the sign-in desk upon arrival and before departure daily. It is required that a staff member sees you departing with your child. If a person other than yourself will be picking up your child, it is imperative that you call to inform us. As an extra precaution, the “occasional pick-up person” should be listed on your “Pick-up/Carpool form” and we will ask to see identification before releasing your child. We will not allow your child to leave the studio premises with an unauthorized escort under any circumstances. 

If you have arranged for your child to use the yellow bus service, the child will be dropped off in front of the center and must walk upstairs to the program. In coordination with the bus service there is electronic technology that will be used to keep track of the bus route and child for the after school program.


You are welcome to send snack for the week or daily for after school program.

Class Attire and Items to Bring to Camp:

All students should wear loose fitting clothing (shorts and t-shirts) that will allow them to move, bend, and jump freely. Students may NOT wear tight jeans, revealing clothing, “short shorts”, shirts that exposes the belly or excessive jewelry.

Female students are required to wrap an “iro” or “lapa” around their waist during dance classes. Young ladies should wear or bring a sports bra (if necessary) for dance class.  Male students are required to wear a “sokoto” during dance classes. Children may bring a change of clothes or leave dance clothes here to change into as well.

 All students will be bare foot throughout the day. Please make sure that all clothing items and shoes are marked with your child’s name. It is recommended that students bring a small hand towel (for sweat), a water bottle, and plain white t-shirt (for tie-dying).

Students may NOT bring candies, electronic devices, cell phones, toys, weapons, knives, hazardous or poisonous materials or unapproved medicine.

Illness & Accidents:

If your child is ill, we ask you take adequate measures not to expose them to other children if the illness communicable. If your child is slightly under the weather, please alert the Camp Director and we will keep an eye out for them. A mildly ill child, defined as a child experiencing minor cold/allergy symptoms, or a child not feeling well enough to participate in activities but not exhibiting communicable disease symptoms, will be allowed to come/remain at camp and will be observed for a worsening condition.

We ask that you do not bring your child to camp If your child has temperature of 100 degrees or higher; skin rash or untreated infected skin patches; diarrhea or vomiting; stiff neck; yellowish skin or eyes.

 If a child has any of these symptoms above, he/she cannot stay at the camp. If symptom develop during the day we will call the parent, and it is the parent’s responsibility to see that the child is picked up promptly.

Safety, Student Code of Conduct and Discipline 

No child is ever left alone or unsupervised. A telephone for emergency use is available at all times in the office. Students are expected to arrive on time and behave in a respectful and responsible manner. If serious misbehavior occurs, we give the child the opportunity to discuss the matter with an adult. We do not make it a practice to report small misdemeanors. They are a part of growing up and learning to live with each other. If more serious matters, such as aggressive behavior toward other children and/or adults occur, Bi-Okoto will alert parent/guardian to ensure consistency in helping the child. Bi-Okoto, however, reserves the right to remove any child from a class or the entire camp program without refund, due to conduct, discipline or other reasons at any time during the camp.

Assumption of Risk and Release Agreement 

The Parent/Guardian agree and acknowledge that my child, while participating in the after school program at Bi-Okoto, some classes requires sustained, repetitive, vigorous and physical activities  usually performed on a hard surface without protective footwear (i.e. athletic shoes). It is also understood that dance instruction involves kinetic corrections that may include physically touching the body as part of regular class work and rehearsals.

I/we understand that participants engage in a broad range in quick movements, bending, twisting, running, leaping and lifting, which place extreme demands on the human body, including stress of joints and ligaments, repetitive impact, and occasional falls, slips and collisions with other participants and objects. 

I/we also understand that there are inherent risks of serious injury in all of the above activities as well as in the general participation in School classes, events, nature walks and camp. I voluntarily assume and accept such risks of personal injury and illnesses arising from my child’s attendance and participation in such activities, events, nature walks and camp.

I hereby release Bi-Okoto, its trustees, employees and agents from all actions, claims or demands that I and my heirs or representatives now have or may hereafter have for personal injuries or property damage resulting from the child’s attendance and or participation in such activities and events. I/we agree that this release includes personal injury or property damages caused in whole or in part by negligence, active or passive, of Bi-Okoto, its trustees, employees and agents. This release does not apply to liability for willful injury or fraud.

This permission and release shall remain effective through the end of the school year in which the child is enrolled for camp, unless and until a written revocation is delivered to the Program Director. 


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