Okoto Kekere

The Okoto-Kekere program is
designed to

Build Self-Confidence in participating minors

Provide training and experiential Afrocentric skills development

Provide an open and supportive environment conducive to the development of multicultural competence and sensitivity to individual differences

Develop and/or nurture the ability to work in a team structure

Develop and/nurture the ability to communicate and teach (share) what they learn with others

The program stokes the youths’ awareness of their interpersonal skills and encourages self-awareness, self-control, effective communication, relationship building, decision making and time management. Participants are exposed to one or two African languages, drumming, dances, performing arts, and theatrical production, clothing, cuisine, and Back & On Stage skills.

Okoto-Kekere members are prepared mentally, socially, and professionally to continue Bi-Okoto’s legacy of making an impact Рengaging new audiences and connecting people from inside and outside of Greater Cincinnati locally, nationally, and globally.

Okoto-Kekere program is designed and tailored to nurture young and budding creatives who are seeking to do what they love and pursue personal passion. Over a three-year period, we pair Okoto-Kekere members with Bi-Okoto professional Teaching and performing Artists (TPAs). This provides firsthand training and experimental learning opportunities for developing their imaginative and creative skills. In a holistic way, it we focus on building character and knowledge in our youths.

The journey starts with a

15 minute audition

Complete the form to request one!

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