K-12 Events

We have a plethora of options for our K-12 school communities!

Ekaabo/Akwaba/Tooli School Assemblies

This interactive, interdisciplinary lecture demonstration program will enhance your students’ creative thinking skills as we take the audience on a journey from US to West
Africa. The programs present Nigerian, Ghanaian and Guinean culture, language, geography, math and history through authentic songs, folk stories, drumming and
dance. Questions and answers conclude the performance. Accompanied by an education study guide for teachers and students.

WaZoBia Workshops

Enhance your student’s creative thinking skills with an interdisciplinary movement workshop. Your students will have the opportunity to learn Nigerian or Ghanaian culture first hand with Bi-Okoto members. Structured for small groups of 30 or less, a member of Bi-Okoto will teach everyone a song, various greetings, rhythms and a dance. Customize your workshop with a theme such as Harvesting or Music. Each workshop is tailored to fit your school/organization needs. Residencies are also available.

E Sin Mi d'Afrika Residencies

Our residencies are customized for every school, organization or community that we attend. Residencies can normally last from 2 days to 1-2 years depending upon the goal to be achieved and funding. It is a multicultural, interdisciplinary educational program that introduces basic
music, dance and theater skills, applies general math & science curriculum through recognition of patterns/shapes in dance, beats/rhythms/measures, pressure, space, high/med/lows, time, locomotion and story. Most residencies conclude with a performance presented by the students for their community.

Also available are: Bi-Okoto Cultural Center Tours; Professional Development (PD) for Teachers; Digital/Virtual Engagements; Afterschool engagements; Story Telling (best for grades k-6); WA Dance Club Development (best for grades 7-12)

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